High-speed Aluminum Patrol Skiffs Designed for Alaska State Troopers

Coastwise Corporation completed professional design and lofting services for a series of small aluminum patrol skiffs. The vessels were designed for Bay Welding of Homer, Alaska and are based on Bay Welding’s traditional Alaska skiff design. The skiffs are extremely rugged and provide high performance in difficult Alaska weather conditions. The vessels have been selected by the Alaska State Troopers for many types of fish and wildlife enforcement work, vessel boarding, and search and rescue missions, and will be deployed from various vessel platforms or shoreside stations.

The 27 foot, 24.5 foot, and 21 foot aluminum skiffs are designed to meet ABS high-speed vessel structural standards and can carry up to 6 persons. The vessel’s power and house design varies as required by the skiff mission. Generally, the vessels are provided with two outboard engines to provide a maximum service speed of 40 to 45 knots. The skiffs are usually provided with small day-boat style houses to provide shelter for two enforcement officers. All of the skiff designs can be provided with full or partial bulwark collars for vessel boarding.

Following the successful performance of these vessels in Alaska State Trooper service, the skiffs are now being constructed for the personal-use vessel market in Alaska.

Coastwise Corporation was selected for this design effort based on our extensive experience with aluminum vessel design for vessels operating in Alaskan waters.