High-Speed Excursion Catamaran Supports Alaska Lodge Service

Coastwise Corporation provided the concept, detailed design, and construction support for a high-speed catamaran. The M/V Wild Lander was designed for Alaska Wildland Adventures of Girdwood, as a remote Alaska lodge support vessel to carry both passengers and light cargo to locations with un-improved beaches.

The 44-foot aluminum catamaran is a USCG inspected subchapter T passenger vessel and is certified to carry up to 49 passengers. The Wild Lander’s design provides passengers excellent wildlife viewing during transit and carries luggage and light cargo in forward cargo holds. The vessel has an aluminum bow ramp to support beach landing and is powered by two 610 horsepower water jets and makes a loaded speed of 26 knots.

The owner of the vessel contacted Coastwise Corporation to take advantage of our 22 years of experience designing USCG inspected high-speed catamarans and to ensure construction support quality.