High-Speed Shallow Draft Aluminum Landing Craft Ready for Arctic Service

Coastwise Corporation provided the design, engineering, and construction support for the Arctic Solution, a high-speed landing craft for Arctic Marine Solutions in Anchorage, Alaska. This unique vessel is designed as an arctic oilfield support vessel capable of both passenger and cargo operations. The vessel is designed to load at unimproved beaches and operate in shallow waters along Alaska’s North Slope during the short open water and slush ice season.

The 62-foot aluminum vessel is a USCG inspected subchapter T passenger vessel, certified to carry up to 49 passengers. The Arctic Solution is designed to carry both miscellaneous cargo, and wheeled or tracked construction equipment (such as a dump truck or loader) on the 18-foot-wide open cargo deck. Coastwise designed modular passenger accommodation pods for this vessel that can be mounted on the cargo deck. The vessel has an aluminum bow ramp and a minimum operational draft of 2.5 feet. The Arctic Solution is a triple waterjet vessel with 1,900 horsepower capable of achieving a cruise speed of up to 25 knots when fully loaded.

Arctic Marine Solutions contacted Coastwise Corporation for an all new vessel design when no existing landing craft designs were found that could meet the desired speed, draft and regulatory restrictions.