High-Speed Aluminum Landing Craft Sails in Kenai Fjords National Park

Coastwise Corporation designed the M/V Aligo Point, a unique landing craft designed to transport passengers, supplies, and construction equipment from Seward, Alaska to remote lodges that require landings at unimproved beaches. The vessel is owned by Alaska Wildland Adventures (AWA) and supports their Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, located in the Pedersen Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary.

The M/V Aligo Point is a 44-foot aluminum monohull certified by the USCG to carry up to 30 passengers or 10,000 pounds of heavy equipment. The vessel’s design includes reinforced truck paths on the main deck, heavy aluminum bow ramp, and a hinged forward cabin wall and removable seating to allow for the carriage of a compact excavator, or similar equipment. The Aligo Point has an open forward deck for carrying kayaks or other lodge supplies and is powered by three 300 horsepower outboard engines which allow the vessel to cruise at 30 knots.

The owner of the vessel contacted Coastwise for an all new landing craft design after other manufacturer’s stock designs failed to meet their design criteria. Coastwise’s extensive catalog of high-speed aluminum vessels and landing crafts allowed us to quickly develop a new vessel design that accomplished all missions to the satisfaction of the owner and the USCG.