State of Alaska Patrol Vessel Receives Stability Upgrade

Coastwise Corporation completed the design and construction support for a sponson and exhaust stack additions to one of the State of Alaska’s patrol vessels. The 84-foot-long P/V Enforcer, is a fish and wildlife protection vessel owned by the State of Alaska. The vessel operates year-round in Alaska enforcing fish and game management and providing search and rescue capability.

Coastwise’s design added three-foot-wide sponsons which increased the vessel’s beam from 21 feet to 27 feet wide. This widening greatly increases the stability of the vessel. Significant effort was expended to design the full-length sponsons with a minimum of hydrodynamic resistance and wave slamming potential. All new exhaust stacks and dry-exhaust systems were added to the Enforcer to improve skiff handling operations alongside the vessel and to increase space in the engine room.

The vessel’s lightship intact stability was improved by over 600{cf28df77d7e4302c27f14a40ab8951df8ae1f4aade4b3695a0228d8e95d0020b} and operational speed was increased by 0.5 knots. The Enforcer continues to patrol and protect the waters of Southeast Alaska.